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This is amazing! What a lovely way to honor a childhood.

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So lovely. I might be crying. When my parents gave up the family home, I took pictures to remind me.

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Such a great idea! And now my boy is 12 and I feel like I've missed the boat...

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This is so beautiful 🥰

How blessed to be surrounded with such support and talent. I feel the energy through these beautiful captures of time.

Yes! Letting go is a challenging one. I recently decided to part with some of my mother's belongings (she passed away more than 30 years ago). One was a beautiful Chinese black lacquer table. It's been in a corner for a while, not really being loved. I've had my time with it. I said to my sister, "Mom is in my heart, not in these things". I've been drowning in stuff of parents and in-laws who have passed for many years. I desire to reclaim my space.

Thank you for this reminding nudge to keep going.

Bravo to you! ❤️

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